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Cultural Access Washington


A Cultural Access Program is a publicly funded program established to expand access to Arts, Science, and Heritage organizations.

In 2015, the state legislature granted local counties in Washington State the authority to create a Cultural Access Program. Revenue raised from a sales, or property tax approved by the citizens of that county are used to strengthen access to Arts, Science, and Heritage organization activities as well as enhance citizens' participation in their events and programs.

A Cultural Access Program also has a student education and access component that funds in-school Arts, Science, and Heritage learning along with subsidizing transportation for student field trips to the many outstanding cultural facilities in the region such as the Pacific Science Center, the Seattle Aquarium, and the Museum of Flight.

Inspire Washington is leading the effort to pass a ballot measure in King County to create a Cultural Access Program.  Based on a sales tax increase of 0.1% in King County, this program will fund both large and small organizations, provide needed expansion of Education and Outreach activities in nearly 500 King County schools, improve access to Cultural Organizations, and will cost the average King County household just $30 per year.

Culture PAC is supportive of those electeds who support the Cultural Access Program in King County.


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